Industrial Lubricants, Additives & Greases

MT-10 Metal Treatment™
An advanced technology, antifriction lubricant additive – but MT-10 Metal Treatment™ is not your average oil additive – it treats the metal, not the oil. MT-10’s maximum-duty, metal-conditioning formula is recommended for engines, transmissions, gear boxes, bearings, pumps, and any other lubrication system where extra protection is needed from extreme pressure (EP), high friction-related heat and wear conditions.

PL-10 Power-Lift Grease™
An NLGI #2, antiwear, extreme-pressure lithium-complex grease that is superior to others due to the addition of MPC’s MT-10 Metal Treatment™ lubrication technology to its formulation. Power-Lift is unique due to the addition of extreme-pressure and antifriction additives to its formula. Through this advanced formula, Power-Lift treats, seals and smoothes metal surfaces to dramatically reduce friction-related heat and wear.

LP-10 Lithium EP Plus Grease™
An NLGI #2, antiwear, extreme-pressure lithium grease that is superior to others due to the addition of MPC’s MT-10 Metal Treatment™ lubrication technology to its formulation.

SL-10 Oil Can Lubricant™
Heavy-duty, industrial spray lubricant & penetrating oil containing MT-10 Metal Treatment™ lubrication technology. SL-10 Oil Can Lubricant™ protects against rust and corrosion and penetrates to loosen seized and corroded metal mechanisms – even in high corrosion and extreme humidity environments.

MO-10 Moist-Out™
MO-10 Moist-Out™ is a light spray lubricant, penetrating oil and demoisturant – all formulated into one superior product.

AT-10 Air Tool Oil™
Lube oil designed for lubricating, cleaning, and protecting piston and rotary-type air tools. AT-10 Air Tool Oil™ removes gummy deposits, repels air line moisture and stops rust to provide smoother tool operation.

FT-10 Fuel Treatment™
FT-10 Fuel Treatment™ is an additive for gasoline and diesel engines, as well as bulk fuel storage tanks. FT-10 completely dissipates moisture in the fuel system to enhance engine power, improve mileage and reduce harmful emissions. In diesel fuel and bulk storage tanks, FT-10 controls fungus growth and anti-jelling.

Cutting Fluids
An array of soluble and insoluble cutting fluids, coolants and additives designed to handle a multitude of applications from light machining and metals to tough operations with difficult metals.

Railroad-Specific Products
Extreme-pressure, antifriction lubricants and additives for extra protection in traction motor gear cases and simplifying the process of press fitting and mounting steel wheels to their axles.

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