Automotive Lubricants, Additives & Greases

MT-10 Metal Treatment™
An advanced technology, antifriction lubricant additive – but MT-10 Metal Treatment™ is not your average oil additive – it treats the metal, not the oil. MT-10’s maximum-duty, metal-conditioning formula is recommended for engines, transmissions, gear boxes, bearings, pumps, and any other lubrication system where extra protection is needed from extreme pressure (EP), high friction-related heat and wear conditions.

PL-10 Power-Lift Grease™
An NLGI #2, antiwear, extreme-pressure lithium-complex grease that is superior to others due to the addition of MPC’s MT-10 Metal Treatment™ lubrication technology to its formulation. Power-Lift is unique due to the addition of extreme-pressure and antifriction additives to its formula. Through this advanced formula, Power-Lift treats, seals and smoothes metal surfaces to dramatically reduce friction-related heat and wear.

BlueIce IC-10™
BlueIce is a gasoline additive formulated to remove gums, varnishes, carbon deposits and corrosive build up from injectors, carburetors, and valves. BlueIce will also disperse water in the fuel system for optimal engine performance.

FT-10 Fuel Treatment™
FT-10 Fuel Treatment™ is an additive for gasoline and diesel engines, as well as bulk fuel storage tanks. FT-10 completely dissipates moisture in the fuel system to enhance engine power, improve mileage and reduce harmful emissions. In diesel fuel and bulk storage tanks, FT-10 controls fungus growth and anti-jelling.

TNT-10 Throat ‘N Throttle™
Throat ‘N Throttle™ will clean the intake manifold, combustion chamber, throttle plates, valves, idle air control (IAC) valve and passages and piston heads of gasoline engines. By applying to the combustion chamber through the vacuum system, Throat ‘N Throttle™ will dissolve varnish and carbon build up, lower harmful emissions, and improve overall engine performance.

Smoke-Free SF-10™
Smoke-Free™ is an oil additive designed to eliminate excessive exhaust smoke cause by worn parts in older or high-mileage vehicles. Smoke-Free™ will also reduce oil consumption and valve and lifter noises

SL-10 Oil Can Lubricant™
Heavy-duty, industrial spray lubricant & penetrating oil containing MT-10 Metal Treatment™ lubrication technology. SL-10 Oil Can Lubricant™ protects against rust and corrosion and penetrates to loosen seized and corroded metal mechanisms – even in high corrosion and extreme humidity environments.

MO-10 Moist-Out™
MO-10 Moist-Out™ is a light spray lubricant, penetrating oil and demoisturant – all formulated into one superior product.

AT-10 Air Tool Oil™
Lube oil designed for lubricating, cleaning, and protecting piston and rotary-type air tools. AT-10 Air Tool Oil™ removes gummy deposits, repels air line moisture and stops rust to provide smoother tool operation.

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