New online game for friends and Family

I came across this while looking for games couples could play online. A new site Truths and Lie which allows users to play with anyone online or just play some random questions. It is quite entertaining. Thought they need to add a bit more content but it is indeed fun to play especially if you are playing with a friend. You can learn a lot about each other pretty quickly and for some reason, it is hard to lie in the game I am not sure why.

How it works

Well to play with friends you have to sign up then add them. Then use their login to create a party. From there it is smooth sailing.

Random mode is playing alone because you have no friends. Unfortunately. But still, fun all the same! So enjoy.

Curtains or Drapes

How hard is it to decorate a new home? Is it as simple as color coding your home and then hanging up curtains and drapes to match? Noo! Also how long does it take to choose colors and designs appropriate for a room? This is not a one-day task it can take weeks and depends on many user inputs and other factors such as furniture color of the room, the desired feel for the room. Testing requires an expert eye unless you have a knack for that sort of stuff.

Design Consultant

But there is good news you can get a free interior design home consultation to come to your home and give their profession opinion on your living spaces. If you choose to take their advice and get your products from somewhere else, that is up to you! Since the consultation is no obligation to you but the consultant can also get the products for you and give a quote on the price of it. You can sign up online and have them visit you

Best Book to Movie adaptations of the decade

Ok, guys with the increase of popular Book to movie adaptations I figured it is time for my top 5 list of top book to movies. Starting my list off is Game of Thrones! Especially now it is back in season. Therefore this list is not limited to movies only but also TV series. Normally we don’t start top 10 list with the number one pick but I figured you know this was coming. Moving down swiftly is the Divergent movies followed very closely by the maze runner. I personally haven’t watched this next pick but judging from the responses of others who have it could have possibly been my number two pick – Fifty shades of grey. And last but not least considering all the horrible adaptations that have annoyed us in the past is the Harry Potter franchise!

For more on the Untold History of Westeros in the game of thrones check them out there.