Chamber of secrets


In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the sunny season after Harry’s first year at Hogwarts has been his most exceedingly awful summer ever… the Dursleys more inaccessible and frightful than at any other time. Anyhow almost as he’s gathering his packs to come back to class, an animal named Dobby the house-mythical being proclaims that if Harry backpedals to Hogwarts, debacle will strike. Furthermore it turns out, Dobby is correct. Harry and Ron miss the Hogwarts Express, so they travel to class in a blue Ford Anglia, accident arriving in the famous Whomping Willow. Before long different stresses collect: the unbelievably stuck-up new teacher Gilderoy Lockhart; an apparition named Moaning Myrtle, more at who frequents the young ladies’ restroom; the peculiar conduct of Ron’s younger sibling, Ginny Weasley; gossipy tidbits about the “Assembly of Secrets,” a cave covered profound beneath Hogwarts; and an enchanted journal possessed by Tom Riddle, a Hogwartslearner of long back.For

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