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New additions to potter resource I found links to all of the harry potter books in the series. Including book 6 pdf called  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince potter resource. Get your copy today asap from amazon if you would like the vintage limited edition order soon! harry potter
Even wondered above our favourite here harry potter’s birthday? Check out here when is harry potter birthday. Also check out the website for otherunnn facts other than his birthday as the order of the harry potter movies and book links. Enjoy and leave a comment if you like what you find. Horcruxes are magical objects that are created primarily in order to attain immortality, using spells that are part of Dark Magic. Even though, their existence has been formally explained in the sixth part of Harry Potter, but some of them have been mentioned in the prequels. Horace Slughorn had been Voldemort’s main source for gaining details about their existence and formation.

Source:  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince PDF

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